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If we want to experience life to the fullest, the heart needs to be full of life and health. Without heart health, all other health begins to fail. With Vitruvin Trans-Resveratrol, you may harness the power of rich nutrients that may support your heart, good blood pressure, and move through life full of energy. We make our product from natural extract, and we use piperin in our formulation, in order to improve bioavailability. Our product is tested in an ISO certified 3rd party laboratory, and manufacturing is approved by FDA.


“I was suffering from poor blood pressure for many years, but since I started using Vitruvin, it has stabilized, and I can enjoy my life much more! ”


4 reasons why Vitruvin Trans-Resveratrol is great:

Heart Health

As our hearts age, it’s important for us to give them the support they need. Trans-resveratrol is a great source of nutrients, that may give the heart a boost.

Blood Pressure

Many people suffer from blood pressure, and trans-resveratrol is a great source of nutrients that may normalize blood pressure to keep life enjoyable.

Brain Protection

Trans-resveratrol may slow down age-related cognitive decline. This is partly due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cholesterol Levels

Trans-resveratrol may protect against blood vessel damage and lower cholesterol levels to prevent blood clots.

Vitruvin Resveratrol

We use only the highest quality ingredients sourced from around the world. Our products are packed right here in the United States and tested by a third-party laboratory. We believe in transparency and quality.

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